Menu Spotlight: Hand-Crafted Phoenix Lemonade

Menu Spotlight: Hand-Crafted Phoenix Lemonade

Enjoying the delicious burgers and sides from Aioli Burger is a truly decadent experience. Each bite features fresh ingredients that are never frozen. Make sure you make the most of your meal by washing it all down with one of our many beverage choices. Our food truck has a variety of prepackaged drinks such as bottles of water and cans of soda. Our multiple restaurant locations let you order all kinds of sodas on tap. However, for the complete experience at either our food truck or restaurant, make sure you order our hand-crafted Phoenix lemonade. This special beverage will quench your thirst in style!

Hand-crafted Every Time

Just like everything else on our menu, our hand-crafted lemonade is made from scratch. We start with filtered water before adding the perfect amount of sugar and lemon juice. This makes for an ice-cold beverage that will delight your taste buds like no other. Our hand-crafted Phoenix lemonade is a customer favorite, so make sure to order this drink early before it sells out for the day!

More to Order at Aioli Burger

Our hand-crafted Phoenix lemonade makes for the perfect drink when paired with one of our award-winning burgers and a side of fries. Each burger uses fresh beef that is grilled to perfection then topped with a buttery brioche bun. All of the toppings are fresh and add the perfect crunch. The same thing goes for our fries; choose between our popular golden fries or sweet potato fries for the salty touch your meal is calling for. Additional options on the menu also include our fresh salads, chicken sandwiches, and even vegetarian burgers. With so much to choose from you can easily order a different meal every time you visit. Add our hand-crafted Phoenix lemonade for a touch of home with your next delicious meal from Aioli Burger.

Enjoy Your Next Meal with Aioli Burger

Our hand-crafted lemonade can be enjoyed from either our food truck or any restaurant location in the Phoenix Valley. We can also provide our delicious lemonade for your next catering order. Aioli Burger continues to provide some of the best burgers and sides of fries in Arizona. Visit one of our many locations today and see why our hand-crafted lemonade and burgers remain a Phoenix staple!

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