Menu Spotlight: White Truffle Swiss Burger

When you visit Aioli Gourmet Burgers for the first time, all the options may be a bit overwhelming, but that’s ok. We happy to share information about the many choices on our menu, and although reading about a burger isn’t the same as tasting it, hopefully we can help with the indecisiveness you face when checking out our delicious offerings. Today’s delicious star is the White Truffle Swiss Burger and we promise it may be your new favorite at first bite!

International Mystery of the White Truffle Swiss Burger

Even though the name has an international flair to it, the White Truffle Swiss Burger is all American and tastes incredible! As always, we start with your choice of bun. Feeling fancy? Try the toasted brioche bun. If there’s too many carbs in the brioche bun, we offer the same burger wrapped in lettuce, and for those with gluten issues, we have also added a gluten-free bun that doesn’t make you miss the gluten!

Once you’ve made your bread choice, it’s time to decide what protein you think will go best with the flavors of the White Truffle Swiss. We can tell you right now that it doesn’t matter if you choose Kobe beef, our juicy chicken breast, or the Beyond Burger patty; your specially prepared White Truffle Swiss Burger will taste delicious any way you want it!

And now that your choices have been made, it’s time to sit back and wait for our talented chefs to work their magic! Everything on this tasty burger is served fresh and garnered from local sources whenever possible. The creamy Swiss cheese will be lightly melted and then topped with mushrooms that are roasted until they are the perfect consistency. And even though we could stop right there and have a burger that is just about perfect, we don’t believe in the whole less is more theory! Now is the time for perfectly prepared caramelized onions to be added to the mix, creating a sweet and savory blend of wonder that is only missing one thing—the white truffle aioli!

And there you have it, folks; now all that’s left is for you to visit our restaurant or find our food truck and taste the perfection!

We’re Easy to Find

Our brick and mortar restaurant is located at 10652 North 32nd Street, while our truck can be found all over the valley. Stop by today and be prepared for a taste sensation unlike any other! Check out our restaurant menu today.


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