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Our Southwestern hometown is known for scorching temperatures in the summer months, (much of the year actually) for its Wild West history, and for its delicious and spicy Mexican food, but we at Aioli Burger think it should also be known for the burgers we serve! Burgers have been the meal of choice for cattle drives and first dates, lunch dates with the kiddos and backyard barbecues with friends, family, and neighbor kids who have followed their noses to the scent of the burgers grilling and want to become a part of your family. But—and this is where the scorching temperatures come into play—as summer has arrived, (no matter what the calendar says) do you really want to spend time in front of a grill at your next backyard barbecue, or do you want to learn more about our burger cart catering services?

That’s What We Thought

You can’t live in the desert for more than a few minutes without learning a few things about how to deal with the heat, and because you are still reading, we figure that the number one thing you have learned is to let others deal with the hot stuff. Our burger carts, smaller than a full-sized food truck, allow you to serve your guests the burgers they crave, (and ours really are special) custom prepared to their preference while you can be lounging on the Baja shelf of your pool. Having no worries about where you are going to fit this much smaller catering option into your celebration and eliminating all fears that this will be the year you finally snap and toss your trusty and fiery grill into the pool, your get-together is destined to be the most successful one you have ever enjoyed.

Leave Them Wanting More

Offering the options you love, including our popular White Truffle Swiss burger and our Aioli Burger, every bite taken will be memorable ones and when the music stops, the last burger has been devoured, and the house is once again silent and pristine, your guests will still be talking about the fun times they have had at your backyard burger barbecue and will already be looking forward to next year’s celebration. Give us a call today at (602) 848-8823 and start a new summer tradition of staying cool even as the temperatures are in the triple digits!


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