Kick Off The Arizona Summer With A Meal From Aioli!

When you live in the desert for more than a minute you discover that you have mixed feelings about the upcoming summer months, knowing there will be heat, sun, and more heat to endure. It is, however, hard not to feel that little quiver of delight that signifies the laid back vibe that symbolizes the season; you get to sleep in later even on work days because traffic is so much lighter, pool parties are the in thing, and because you don’t want to heat up your kitchen any more, enjoying delicious meals from Aioli becomes the best way to enjoy the long and hot days of Arizona summer! This guide to some of our seasonal favorites will be the coolest part of your summer adventures!

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Your Arizona Summer of Yum

As the mercury rises your tastes turn towards the lighter items on our menu, but it’s not just our Burrata Caprese and Aioli Wedge salads that will pique your interests. Chicken is an inherently summer meal and any of our burgers can be replaced with a light and healthy chicken breast, so go ahead and live the wild life as you work your way down our menu and fall in love with the substitution. Go even lighter and choose our lettuce wraps in place of buns, and watch the pounds slip away, even as you eat all the same delicious meals you enjoy every other season of the year. The Black & Blue is a choice that maybe works better with a beef patty or our beyond burger, but we think you will discover that the White Truffle Swiss menu item tastes even better with chicken! (There really is no wrong way to enjoy our menu items, so do your thing and fall in love with the flavors that will bring you back time and time again!)

More to Love

Light eaters will appreciate the summery vibes of the Mexican classic elote, so don’t be afraid to save your calories for another Arizona summer favorite, our Aioli Premium Milkshakes! Coming in a variety of flavors ranging from our vanilla double malt shake to the ever changing shake of the now, these rich and creamy delights will help take your internal body temperature down to a more manageable level!

Every Bite will be your Favorite!

Stop by our restaurants today and discover how Aioli meals can help bring back the joy of summer!

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