Have Aioli Cater Your Upcoming Arizona Family Reunion

Our families are everything. They are our first friends when we are young, they have our backs as we grow older, and they are the reason we get up and go to work every day when we start families of our own. It can be difficult to stay connected with extended family, however, as we begin to spread our wings and explore the world beyond our hometowns, which is why the family reunion is so important. And as cousins from all corners of the world start flocking to your Arizona doorstep, you may have scrubbed your home to the nth degree, and reserved blocks of hotel rooms for your family’s comfort, but do you really want to be responsible for preparing all the food necessary to feed the hungry horde? Of course you don’t and we don’t blame you which is why Aioli is stepping forward, hands raised and platters of food at the ready, offering to cater your upcoming Arizona family reunion!

The All-American Meal

Your aunties from Alabama, your cousins from Connecticut, and your grandparents from Georgia are all coming together to break bread and may not be ready for the traditional Mexican food you have come to crave, making Aioli Gourmet Burger’s menu the perfect one to offer! Our drop-off menu is loaded with burgers, starters, sides, and our favorite part of any meal, mini cannolis that you might want to purchase extra because they are sure to be your family’s favorite part as well! If you really want to impress the ones you played tag with on summer nights while the sun stayed high in the sky until way past bedtime, however, our standard burger catering menu may be the thing that impresses your family most. Choose from Menu A or Menu B, each offering a different journey through the burgers we serve and paying a low per-person cost. Additions can include a variety of our appetizers (tempt them to the spicy side with orders of elote!) a choice of desserts, crème filled churros or mini cannolis, and, of course, our beverages. The house-made lemonade served in 32-ounce mason jars is always a summer favorite!

We Know That Family Matters

Give us a call at (602) 848-8823 or fill out the form on the right side of our page today and let Aioli’s family reunion catering service impress the most important people in your life!


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