Outdoor Festival and Event Catering

Outdoor Festival and Event Catering

Are you planning or attending an outstanding outdoor festival and in need of exceptional food to fuel the fantastic fun? Well, brace yourself, because Aioli Burger is ready to detonate the flavorful fireworks at your event with our top-notch outdoor event catering!

It’s Festival Season

The festival ambiance is electrifying! Music resonates through the air, stalls buzz with activity, and the exhilarating events keep the vibes flowing. Amidst this thrilling atmosphere, an enticing aroma of grilled burgers permeates the air, guiding your guests towards the awesome Aioli Burger food truck. Cue the triumphant soundtrack! We’re not just here to serve burgers, we’re crafting joy on a bun!

Catering of Choice

Aioli Burger offers three types of catering services: full-service, drop off and food truck catering! For the full-service outdoor catering services, we’ll handle everything! From the set-up to the service, and all the way to the takedown, we’ve got it all under control. You can concentrate on creating and enjoying your unforgettable event, and we’ll focus on serving up the finest gourmet burgers and sides in town.

The drop off catering involves us creating the goods, packaging them up, and doing just as the name says – dropping it off! After the drop-off has been made, we’ll disappear and allow you to enjoy your festivities. We won’t leave you high and dry though. You’ll have all the plates, utensils, and other goodies that you need to enjoy your meal.

And last but certainly not least is our epic Aioli Burger food truck! Here our self-sustaining food truck of goodness will find a place to park at your outdoor festival. By generating our own power, we’ll be able to keep the good times and the flavorful burgers rolling.

So, are you prepared to catapult your festival into flavor nirvana? If you’re seeking the ultimate crowd-pleaser, it’s time to call in the culinary professionals at Aioli Burger. Let’s work together to make your festival legendary!

Bring the Heat, Bring the Flavor

So, what can you expect with outdoor event catering? Outdoor festivals celebrate diversity, creativity, and invention and that’s precisely what our tantalizing burgers bring to the table. Catering to a broad spectrum of palates, we ensure there’s a gourmet offering for everyone present. For the traditionalists, we serve our Classic Aioli Burger, a perfect blend of familiarity and indulgence. For the adventurous veggie enthusiasts, our Falafel Burger topped with tangy pickled red onion and spicy black pepper aioli provides a bold and exciting flavor journey.

Side by Side

But what’s a festival without the side acts? Alongside our burgers, we serve crispy, golden fries, seasoned with our unique blend of spices that compel you to munch, dance, repeat! And let’s not forget about our sweet potato fries, a delightful twist to the classic, ready to rock your taste buds. The sides are made even more enjoyable with our variety of signature aioli’s that keep you dipping and savoring throughout the festival.

Wash It Down!

To quench the thirst of the raving crowd, we offer a variety of refreshing beverages. From the classic fountain drinks to our exciting range of fresh lemonade flavors, we’ve got the ideal accompaniment to your festival fare.

Personalized Burgers for Your Outdoor Event Catering

Aioli Burger is eager to collaborate with you to curate a festival-themed menu for your event. The opportunities for creativity are boundless, and we’re ready to transform your festival from a simple event into an exhilarating adventure. Our team understands that a festival is not merely an event; it’s a vibrant fusion of cultures, music, and fun. That’s why we ensure our service is as dynamic and spirited as your festival itself. We’ll be flipping those burgers to perfection, moving in rhythm with the energetic beats.

Amazing Apps

Here’s an idea of some of the appetizers we feature in our festival catering: the Loaded Fries! Each forkful is a riot of flavors, with the mingling of cheddar and pepper jack cheese, the creamy freshness of avocado, the zing of pickled red onions, the smoky richness of crispy bacon, topped with our signature chipotle aioli. It’s a starter that perfectly mirrors the dynamic feeling of an outdoor festival.

For those craving a crunchy snack, our Beer Battered Onion Rings and Spicy House Made Fried Pickle Chips served with a green chili aioli offer a bite of satisfaction with every crunch, a memorable taste explosion that harmonizes with the festival’s vivacity.

Place Your Order Now

At Aioli Burger, we are ready to provide you with awesome food for your outdoor festival! Get ready for a catering experience that resonates with the vibrant energy of a festival, caters to an abundance of tastes, and one that will leave you and your guests yearning for more. So why wait? Let’s turn up the music, ignite the grills, and embark on this flavorful journey together. With Aioli Burger by your side, your festival is set to be a feast for all senses! Let’s get this party started, shall we? Reach out today!

If you happen to be planning a birthday party in fall as well, we can help with a variety of fall birthday party food ideas and catering options!

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