Father’s Day at Aioli Burger

Father’s Day at Aioli Burger

The “World’s Best dad” deserves the world’s best burger! And this Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to show your dad how much you appreciate him by treating him to a delicious meal at Aioli Burger. Check out these mouthwatering ways to celebrate the dad in your life. Bring him down to the best burger restaurant and see what makes it the perfect place to celebrate Father’s Day.

What Makes an Aioli Burger So Good?

Dad took time to raise you. Show how much you appreciate him with quality burgers from Aioli Burger! He deserves a meal made with quality ingredients and Aioli Burger is committed to doing just that. Chow down on the freshest and highest quality ingredients in our burgers, salads, fries, and desserts. Handcrafted burger patties and locally sourced veggies come together to create a flavor explosion in your mouth! Each and every bite is full of flavor and that will keep you coming back.

Variety is the spice of life and a man like dad should have options! Aioli Burger has him covered. With a large selection of delectable delights to choose from, dad will be spoiled for choice.  If dad’s more of a classic no-fuss guy, he’s sure to enjoy our namesake the Aioli Burger. This gourmet burger comes topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, a slice of cheddar cheese and smoked applewood bacon! The piece-de-resistance and the star of the show is the roasted garlic aioli! This rich and savory aioli perfectly complements the juicy beef patty, while the gooey cheddar cheese adds a creamy and tangy taste!

If dad is the mood to try something a little adventurous, then he’s going to love our Truffle Swiss Burger. This burger was dubbed the winner of the Scottsdale Culinary Fest, and for good reason: it’s delicious! A handcrafted patty is topped with roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, and creamy Swiss cheese. White truffle aioli is drizzled over the burger to create an amazing umami experience in every bite.

For dad’s that are looking to increase their veggie intake, be sure to try the Falafel Burger. The Falafel Burger is the perfect option for those plant-based and vegetarian eaters. Chomp into a crispy falafel patty, topped with tart pickled red onion, cucumber, and a delectable mango sauce. The black pepper aioli really seals the deal on the Falafel Burger. The flavors in this burger are fresh, light, and just right for dad. With a flavorful patty that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, it’s a great alternative to meat-based burgers. With options like these, dad is sure to find something for whatever he’s feeling for on Father’s Day!

Visit Our Burger Restaurant Locations this Father’s Day

Spend quality time with dad this Father’s Day at the best restaurants in Phoenix that feature just the right atmosphere for a chill day with dad. Our staff are friendly and welcoming and eager to make you, dad and the family feel comfortable. If you’re in Phoenix, be sure to check out our location at 32nd Street for outdoor seating area, perfect for enjoying the warm weather!

Aioli Burger also has locations scattered throughout Arizona which can help you surprise your dad with a delicious meal no matter what city you’re in. Each of our locations has a unique atmosphere that is perfect for Father’s Day. Our Phoenix location is nestled in a charming, tree-lined neighborhood and features a beautiful patio where you can enjoy your meal in the sunshine. Our Camelback & Litchfield Frys location is in a popular shopping plaza and features a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere that is perfect for spending quality time with your dad. This first-of-its-kind restaurant allows you and dad to treat yourself to a meal this Father’s Day. You’ll be fueled and ready to shop for that perfect gift for dad. Whatever it is that brings you by for some Litchfield Park dining, we can’t wait to see you and dad at this location!

Dad’s Day Delivery Services!

If dad’s idea of a perfect day is chilling at home and catching up on some rest and relaxation, then our home delivery option is the perfect pick this Father’s Day. Simply hop online, pick all the goods you want, place your order, then sit back and relax! You’ll be daydreaming of the delectable deliciousness that is about to be delivered right to your door.

For a guaranteed homerun with dad this Father’s Day, choose Aioli Burger! One bite into any of our burgers will show you why. For unbeatable taste and flavor, we’ve got you covered! Our aioli’s are made with love and are so tasty, you’ll want to put it on everything! dad can enjoy choosing from a range of toppings and sauces to customize his burger just the way he likes it. Try any of our sweet treats at the end of the meal for a delicious palette cleanser.

Celebrate Father’s Day the Right Way with Aioli Burger!

Whether you choose to dine at home or to come and visit us, Aioli Burger is the perfect pick this Father’s Day. With our delicious burgers, locally sourced ingredients, convenient restaurant locations, and friendly staff: dad is sure to have an unforgettable Father’s Day this year. Don’t leave good food up to chance! Treat dad to a delicious meal that he will cherish forever, at one of the best restaurants in Phoenix.

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