Fantastic Flavors for Fall Season in Arizona at Aioli Gourmet Burger

As the mercury rises higher and our patience with the heat falls lower, there’s usually only one thing keeping us from losing our minds: the thought of cooler days that are right around the corner! We picture ourselves drinking a pumpkin spice latte while wearing our favorite wine-colored sweater and sitting in front of a roaring fire! Yes, that is our dream, but fall season in Arizona generally means at least two more months of heat and torture, but these fantastic fall flavors at Aioli can be the perfect way of tricking our minds into believing the fantasy we listed above is real!

First Tastes

Whether you are really starving or are just wanting a bite to tide you over, the appetizer is one of America’s favorite meal starters, especially during the cooler days! Our 3-Cheese Mac & Cheese Bites are the perfect fall sensibility, offering a golden creaminess that will remind you once again why autumn is your favorite season—even in Arizona!

Harvest This Beauty

While it’s true that any of our burgers will suit during any of the seasons, the White Truffle Swiss Burger has that extra taste of fall. Created with roasted mushrooms, swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and a white truffle aioli, your first bite will instantly transport you to a New England state where the air is crisp, and the landscape is colorful! This burger will make you fall in love.

Side Sensations

There are many health benefits that accompany our favorite fall vegetable, and when you substitute sweet potato fries for our standard golden ones, the taste sensations will make you forget you’re doing something healthy! Choose your sauce and treat your palate; fall season in Arizona has never tasted this great! For those who are seeking an even healthier alternative for their fall meals, look no further than our roasted farm vegetables. If you look carefully enough you can almost see the tractor harvesting the flavors way off in the distance!

More Flavors of Fall Season in Arizona

We’re not giving away any secrets right now (fall hasn’t officially arrived, not even on the calendar!), but our rich and creamy milkshakes have been known to include the pumpkin flavor; can you get any more fall-like than that?

Stop in Today

You don’t have to wait for fall season in Arizona to enjoy any of the flavors listed above; stop in today and discover how fantastic Aioli is every day of the year! Contact us today if you have any questions.

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