Customer Favorite Burgers in Phoenix: The Fresh Prince

The best thing about our Aioli Burger menu is knowing that no matter which burger you order, your taste buds and growling stomach will thank you! From the original Aioli Burger made with your choice of Kobe beef, chicken, or the Beyond Burger veggie patty to the Black and Blue burger topped with Maytag bleu cheese, arugula, Applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and black pepper aioli, each bite will thrill, satisfy, and linger in your mind long after you have licked your fingers clean! Every once in a while, however, we come up with something that outdoes all the others—we develop burgers in Phoenix so tasty and good, it doesn’t just linger in your memories, it haunts your dreams until you make your way back to Aioli Burger and try it again. And this time the burger is our newest customer favorite, the Fresh Prince!

These are Burgers in Phoenix, Not from West Philadelphia

The Fresh Prince was conceived right here in Arizona, which might explain the hint of heat detected in the chipotle aioli that excites our taste buds; Arizonans obviously love it when its hot! And although this sumptuous burger would be just as tasty when made from chicken or our signature Beyond Burger veggie patty, it would lose some of its sparkle. It’s the meat, Kobe beef and shaved ribeye, that makes this special treat shine (But we won’t judge you if you choose the chicken; we’re just happy that our guests made this burger the customer favorite!). Also topped with provolone cheese that is melted and creamy, locally-sourced arugula leaves, and spicy banana peppers that add just the right amount of zing to this perfect creation, we might have to take a break for a minute—our mouths are watering, and it’s been at least a few minutes since we’ve had a taste of the Fresh Prince!

Which Drink Goes Best with the Fresh Prince?

To be perfectly honest, EVERY drink goes nicely with this unique burger, and with the other burgers in Phoenix we offer for that matter. A frosty kilt lifter or a motto cabernet for those who prefer wine, a cold soda, or, if you want a beverage that doesn’t compete with the flavors of the burger, sticking to water is ALWAYS a good idea.

We Thank You!

We love our guests and we love that you love what we do. Thank you for your continued patronage, and we promise to continue developing new creations to entice and satisfy!


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