Cream Filled Churros and More to Get Your Sweet Tooth Fix!

The best things in life are also the sweetest; the feel of your toddler’s hand in yours, the smile on the face of your grandmother as she greets you after a long absence, and of course, the desserts we offer at Aioli! Offering a variety of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth with our Cream Filled Churros, every bite is guaranteed to sweeten your disposition and firmly fix a smile on your face! Life is too short to skip dessert, especially when the ones you will enjoy at Aioli are destined to become your newest obsession and as you sit in your office, counting the minutes until 5 o’clock, this guide to the sweeter side of life will give you even more to look forward to!

Eat Dessert First

Our mothers would be horrified, but after a bad day and the potential for an even worse week ahead, nothing soothes your soul better than our cream-filled churros and if you don’t think you will have room for dinner AND dessert, we urge you to devour the churros first! Being extra can be a good thing and these sweet pastries go beyond the norm, offering the standard dusting of cinnamon sugar that fills all the ridges and adding a sweet cream filling, after which they are drizzled with chocolate syrup with a dollop of whipped cream making the perfect finishing touch! Our burgers are delicious, but if you pass on the churros, you will find regret it forever!

Perfecting the Cannoli

When it comes to desserts, the cannoli is as close to perfect as you can hope for and, of course, Aioli takes the cannoli to the next level of wonderful, ironically by taking away something. Our mini cannolis are designed to fit easily into your mouth and for those who are watching their calories they reduce the guilt, you may feel when you devour their rich and creamy goodness! Made the standard way with a crispy outer shell and a creamy mascarpone cream filling, the chocolate chips that are mixed in with the cream add the most delightful of finishing touches!

A Blast from the Past

A few decades ago, everyone could tell you what their favorite float favor was, but after a while, the ice cream float seem to drift away from the conscious minds of the public. We at Aioli, however, are bringing back this heavenly delight, offering two delicious flavors that will make your taste buds sing. Stop by today and make your choice between the standard root beer float or our personal favorite, the orange creamsicle delight, or enjoy our cream-filled churros! See you soon!


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