Cool Off with Refreshing Drinks and Shakes from Aioli Burger

Even as this spring has been surprisingly rainy and cool, we have already had a few days creep into the 80s, serving as a reminder that the long hot days of summer are not that far away. The sun shines brightly down on the valley over 300 days out of every year, and if you have lived here long enough, chances are you already have your own ways of keeping cool as the mercury rises, but we would like to add one more tip to your repertoire. Cool off with the refreshing drinks and shakes in Arizona that we serve at Aioli Burger, bringing a taste of sweet and frosty goodness to your summer adventures, even if summer starts long before spring has ended!

Drinks for All

We generally spend a lot of time discussing the burgers and sides you can enjoy during your visit to Aioli Burger, but today, we want to direct your attention to the coolness of the drinks we offer. As you might expect, we do serve bottled water (staying hydrated in the desert is of utmost importance) and our fountain drinks are often a popular choice, but because we aren’t satisfied with the less is more philosophy, it is our house made mason jar lemonade that may pique your interest! Coming in a variety of flavors, you may actually recognize the name, AZ Lemonade Stand, as the house made lemonade is beginning to be sold in some of the Fry’s stores in the area.

Drinks for Some

What you might not expect from an ordinary burger joint (which of course, we are an EXTRAORDINARY burger restaurant) is the realization that we don’t just serve soft drinks but have quite a wonderful selection of beer, wine, bottled cocktails, and prosecco for our adult guests to enjoy. Our beer list is especially large, offering both draft selections and cans and bottles that will cool the most fevered brows. Our bottled cocktails can offer an elevated way to chill out on a hot day and in addition the red, white, and prosecco, we also offer a wine of the now, enjoyed by those who enjoy a change.

The Sweet and Frosty Delight

And then, there are our milkshakes, those chilly and frosty sweet treats that are thick, creamy, and delicious every day of the year. Offering the traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry shakes, we also provide a double malt, and the shake of the now, arriving on a monthly basis in a variety of flavors, the current flavor is our Pick & Roll Shake, a chocolate concoction blended with crunchy peanut butter.

Don’t Wait Until Summer

All of these drinks and shakes can be refreshing every day of the year; find a location near you and stop by today to see for yourself!



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