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Remember when summer was the pinnacle of your life? Long days were spent sleeping in, watching tv and hanging out at the pool with all your friends. Life was good, and you never wanted it to end. But then one day you grew up and those endless days of summer shrank down to a week—or less—with chores and real life still interfering. Until this summer, that is! For one day you can be a teenager again, enjoying water slides and pillow fights, miniature golf and life-sized foosball, and best of all, cold beer and tasty Aioli Burgers! Sometimes it pays to be an adult on summer vacation! Save the date and assist one of the most fun summer events in Phoenix.

Suds and Slides 2019: June 22nd Starting at 2 PM

This grown up “slumber party” is the best of what we remember from our youth and is something we at Aioli are excited to be a part of! Held at Riverview Park in Mesa, if you have any other plans, we suggest you put them on hold—if only for a day! You’ll build up a hearty appetite as you play a life-sized Hungry Hippo game, so during a break in the action, we suggest heading to the Aioli food truck for an All-American California Burger. Topped with avocado, pickled red onion, pepper jack cheese, a sunny side up egg and chipotle aioli, the extra protein will give you energy for the tug of war match that comes up next in the festivities.

For those participating in the three-legged race, a lighter dish may be in order, and although we do offer up a mighty tasty Caprese Salad, we’re thinking of just switching the burger meat out for chicken in our standard Aioli Burger. Still offering plenty of protein for strength, the white meat of the chicken won’t weigh you down. The dunk tank is a low energy activity, so go ahead and add the golden French fries to your meal, and of course, some of our handcrafted lemonade! Nothing screams summer louder than a fresh made glass of lemonade, and if you switch between water, lemonade, and beer as you play like a child on the inflatable water slides, you’ll manage to retain your memories of this idyllic day! Don’t miss this great opportunity and enjoy one of the best summer events in Phoenix.

As the Sun Sets on Your Day of Fun in the Sun

We may not be able to offer you another step back in time this summer, but our food trucks and brick and mortar restaurant found at 10652 North 32nd Street in Phoenix will still be open, allowing you to enjoy our juicy burgers whenever you want! Stop by today and get a preview of the food you can enjoy at Suds and Slides 2019!


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  • Cool down with an adult beverage 😎 and gourmet burger 🍔 your taste buds will thank you 🙌🏻
  • Have you tried our onion rings!? They pair great with our house made ranch and barbecue sauce 🙌🏻
  • Start your Tuesday off right. 🍔 
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  • We have your Sunday plans covered! Introducing our newest burger of the now! The Pablo Quesobar -  Kobe beef patty,Green chili pepper queso, Crumbled chorizo,Cotija cheese,Fried tortilla strips,Fresh pico de Gallo, Shredded lettuce,Green Cholula aioli all on a toasted brioche bun! Tag a friend that loves queso.
  • Celebrate Friday with us!! @arizonabites enjoying our hand crafted cannoli shake 🥤