Check Out These Can’t-Miss Aioli Gourmet Burger Menu Items!

New year, new you is definitely a thing, but always make sure to make room for the classics that just, well, feel right! Your favorite blanket that keeps you warm on a rare but delightful rainy Arizona night, your most comfortable shoes that manage to be comfortable and stylish at the same time, and these can’t-miss menu items found on our Aioli Gourmet Burgers menu will all serve as reminders that you don’t have to toss out the old when remaking you and this guide to the meals that always bring a smile to your face may just encourage you to find your way to our Aioli restaurants, no matter what part of town you are residing in!

The Classic Aioli

You can’t get much more classic than our Classic Aioli burger, created just the way you like it! Pick your protein (chicken is a great choice when you are trying to watch your calories after the New Year) pick your bun, and pick your jaw up off the floor after that first taste that makes you ask “has the classic Aioli always been this tasty?

Aioli’s Fry Flight

This may be a new way for you to enjoy your favorite side dish, but in addition to getting to enjoy either sweet potato or golden fries (or a blend of both!), you can complete your own taste test to determine which aioli sauce goes best with the potatoes you love! (Hint; ALL are perfect with the fries!)

Spicy House Made Fried Pickle Chips

Every visit to Aioli will be the best one when you start out your meal with a basket of our Spicy House Made Fried Pickle Chips! Crunchy, spicy, and oh-so flavorful, while most restaurants serve fried pickles with ranch dressing, Aioli takes it to the next level of fabulous by serving these tasty bites with our green chili aioli!

Bow Wow Trio

Available at our 32nd location, our Bow Wow Trio rewards your most faithful companion with a treat of his or her own! Featuring milk bones, peanut butter, and apples, sitting out on the patio enjoying your precious pooch’s company as you slurp down one of our rich and creamy milkshakes promises to be the highlight of 2023!

Stop by Today!

Offering comfort and a reminder that the simple things in life can be the best things, our Aioli Gourmet Burgers menu is filled with everything you love!


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