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First responders and military personnel are all people that we respect and treasure, and we are sure to thank them for their work every time we run across a policeman, fireman, or EMT in our daily wanderings, but today, we at Aioli Gourmet Burgers want to give a shout out to other heroes, our children’s teachers. These brave souls do what we are unable, corralling the unruly, keeping them safe, and helping them find the entertainment factor in learning, making them some of our favorite people! What they are not, however, is well off, and because everyone knows that teachers’ salaries are actually more laughable than not, we are sponsoring events we call School Dine Outs, to help raise funds for schools and teachers!

A Delicious Fund Raiser!

Girl Scout Cookies, the World’s Best Chocolate Bars, and Aioli’s School Dine-Outs are all 3 very delicious ways to raise a little extra money! And although you know how the first two work, you may not have heard about the dine-out program yet and we are about to expand on your fundraising knowledge! The premise is simple. Choose a day and a time and Aioli will donate 10 percent of the proceeds from that night to donate to your very deserving school! You can do as much as you want or as little as you need to make this night a successful one, either by sending out flyers to all the students, telling them to eat at Aioli’s on August 15th at 6 PM, or then watching the numbers rise, or by letting it happen organically and playing the wait and see the game. The best part of this fundraiser (aside from the tasty food and socialization!) is knowing that no one has to stand out in the Arizona heat holding up signs for car washes! Simply fill out the form to the right of our School Dine Outs Page, print up flyers in the air-conditioned comfort of your house or the school (with permission, of course!), and enjoy! Aioli will even give a shout-out to your school’s dine-out on their social media sites, reaching out beyond your own demographic and raising the amount earned even higher!

No Way to Lose

Every little bit helps and on the chosen night you, your friends, family, and a boatload of strangers will get to enjoy the best burgers in town! Fill out the form today and start out the new school year the right way!


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