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The nation is built on the backs of small businesses, and no one understands their needs and requirements more than we do at Aioli. We started our business with one food truck, three friends, and a whole lot of hard work and there were times we wondered if it would ever be worth all the effort. Today, of course, our dreams have come true and we were thinking, how could we help others who may be starting a new business venture? One look at our food trucks and the solution became perfectly clear; we could offer food truck advertising space and help put the word out there about your new business!

Advertising is Expensive

Many of us spend thousands of dollars to purchase a billboard that stays in one spot, depending on drivers to come to it and think, wow, I could really use a (fill in the blank with your product) right now! When you take advantage of our food truck advertising, you actually bring the idea to the people, people who are happy and full after sampling the foods we provide! Happy and satisfied people are the demographic everyone wants to capture and we have made it easy to do so. And because we are always on the go our food trucks will spread the word faster than an ordinary billboard; even when stuck in traffic bored people “parked” on the freeway will see your advertising and make mental notes to check it out further when they return home!

It’s Already Working!

Companies that have already utilized our advertising services are already reaping the benefits, including brand recognition and increased sales, something every business needs in their life. Food-driven businesses can use our food trucks for extra promotional purposes, including handing out samples of what you are selling. Attend an event (food truck festivals are a great place to garner attention) stock up on your product and let us work together to create a buzz in the Valley of the Sun! Add a hashtag and expand the visibility even further using social networking sites to increase your customer base! (Is there a limit to how far out you can get your product seen?)

Small Businesses Make America Great!

The mom and pop store on the corner, the knitter who sells her products on Etsy, and you; check out our food truck advertising services today and watch the world fall in love with what you have to sell!


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