Cater Your Party for Spring Break in Arizona with Aioli

As the days grow longer once again, in the back of our desert dwelling minds we know that the scorching summer temps are not that far off, but that doesn’t keep us from celebrating the last of the perfect days. Temperatures that grow cool late at night while staying just warm enough that we can take our sweaters off during the afternoon hours, not having to rise early to take our kids to school for the week or two they are on Spring Break in Arizona, and those fun days when rain brings snow to the Superstition Mountains—these are the moments that keep us here in the desert even as the heat every August makes us wonder why we will never leave. Now is the perfect time to enjoy a Spring Break celebration, and Aioli wants to join in the fun, catering your party so you can relax and enjoy these last few glorious weeks of wonderful!

You Could Do the Work Yourself

Yes, we know you are perfectly capable of creating a feast your family and friends will love and devour, but why would you want to when we can save you the work? No slaving over a hot grill in the backyard, no using every dish in your kitchen to provide a variety of sides and desserts for your guests, and no need to stay up long after your last guest has left, running the 7th load of dishes, and scrubbing down counters and floors that look like you never cleaned them just a few hours before. Instead, you can spend more time mingling with your favorite people, celebrating this break from school and work, ensuring that the memories you make on this beautiful night in the valley will be ones you treasure forever!

What’s Your Party Style?

Everyone has a different idea as to what the perfect party style may be, and even for a simple Spring Break celebration you may have a specific idea as to what your party should look like, and we can help make that idea come to life. Offering a variety of catering styles, including drop off services where you can enjoy a night of revelry with just your friends, every party you throw will be better simply because you chose Aioli. Block off the entrance to your cul de sac and make our food trucks the star of the show, impressing your guests with the sights and scents that can only signify that Aioli is on the block. As the sun sets, the music begins to play, and perhaps an impromptu dance session begins in the street, you can rest assured that you will retain the title of hostess with the mostest for at least the rest of this year.

The Star of Your Party

Obviously, you and your friends and family are important to the success of your gathering, but we aren’t bragging when we say our food will definitely be the star of the show. Thick and juicy burger blend patties are simply bursting with flavor, and for those who may be watching their diets or simply can’t handle eating something that may have had a mommy at one point, substitution chicken or our Beyond Burger is available at a nominal price. And even if you don’t have moral issues about eating beef, we suggest you try the Beyond Burger at least once; it is surprisingly delicious and difficult to tell the difference between it and real meat!

Build Your Own Burger

Our Build Your Own Burger bar is probably one of our most popular catering options, no matter what is being celebrated, because how can you go wrong when you start with our delicious proteins and then get to add the toppings you love? Coming with a choice of four aioli sauces, chips or a house made salad, the meal is destined to be a favorite, but if your Spring Break in Arizona bash is for 25 or more people, you can order a variety of sides and either our mini cannoli or churro bar, ensuring everyone will be able to choose the meal they love most.

THE Burger Menu

Of course, our burger menu, with each burger created lovingly by our own staff members is popular as well, offering a choice of two menus, with both offering some of your favorite burgers, including the Aioli Burger and the White Truffle Swiss Burger. Again, with orders for over 25 people, you can choose a selection of side dishes, including a charcuterie board and/or elote, plus, for an additional fee the host can upgrade to sweet potato fries in addition to the protein choices. All paper goods are included with your catering service, so keep your dishes and silverware tucked away in the cabinets and go to bed as soon as the last guest has left. Choosing Aioli for your Spring Break celebration is a decision you will never regret. Give us a call today!


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