Burgers in Phoenix of the Now: Talkin’ ‘Bout Fiesta Bowl Playoffs

Football season is our favorite time of the year. From the cooler temperatures to the sounds of crowds roaring when our Sun Devils make their first touchdown, there’s not a thing we can think of that doesn’t make us happy about this time of the year! And because we love food equally (our food, especially!), the only thing that could make us happier is to combine food and football—so we did! Our current Burger of the Now doesn’t just pay homage to that strangely shaped ball and the men who toss it around; it donates $1 to the Fiesta Bowl Charities with each one purchased, allowing our guests to do a good deed as they show their good taste in burgers in Phoenix!

Built to Please

As you can expect, a burger built around football must be hearty, and the Talkin’ ‘Bout Fiesta Bowl Playoffs is that and so much more! Starting with the bun of your choice (Cutting carbs? Go for the lettuce wrap!) followed by the meat—chicken breast or beyond burger vegan patty can be substituted for the Kobe beef patty—it’s the toppings that make this burger one of our favorites! Green chile, spicy chorizo queso, and cotija cheese will warm the cool spots in your stomach, but that’s not all you can expect to find on this special dish! We follow the cheeses and green chile with shredded lettuce, fresh pico de gallo, fried tortilla strips for an extra crunch, and finally, the topping on your taco or crème de la crème, our special green chile aioli sauce! We may say this a lot, but seriously, people: This Burger of the Now maybe our best burger yet! It’s that delicious, of course, but that only compels us to top it next time, which makes us even more excited than we already are!

Why Stop There?

The Burger of the Now somehow tastes even better when accompanied by our sweet and refreshing Shake of the Now, and because the holidays have arrived, we’re offering up a treat created from vanilla ice cream and mixed with gingerbread cookies and cinnamon crumbles! Less is never more at Aioli, so we top this delicious creation with whipped cream, crumbled gingerbread, and a bright red gumdrop button, making the Shake of the Now the shake of your dreams!

Dreams Do Come True with Aioli Burger

Follow our food trucks or stop in at our brick & mortar location to make your food dream come true with these incredible treats of the now! Check out our restaurant menu today.


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