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As the holiday season rushes up to greet us, the opportunities for celebrations increase exponentially. From Halloween horror parties to New Year’s welcoming celebrations, there is always something to celebrate during the last three months of the year, and because you know people, throwing a fiesta won’t mean you have to do ALL the work! We at Aioli Gourmet Burgers are known for our delicious catering options as well as food trucks and restaurants, and we would love to take away some of your chores with the option of choosing our burger bar for your next event! You get to concentrate on the music and the clothing you will be wearing, while we do the hard work that we can’t help but love. Sound interesting? This guide to our burger bar catering options in Phoenix will give you all the information you need to know!

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Simply Delicious

Nothing tastes better than a hearty burger on the cooler nights and evenings in the fall and winter, except for one that you have built yourself! Your guests won’t have to make do with the recipes we offer—although they are a fantastic and delicious choice—as they spend the night dancing, mingling, and creating “Dagwood” burgers that would put the cartoon character to shame. For those who haven’t read the strip, Dagwood had a knack of creating sandwiches that stacked nearly to the ceiling, incorporating nearly everything in the refrigerator, and although your guests probably won’t go that extreme, they will appreciate being able to create their signature tastes in a leisurely pace! Don’t be worried if the party seems to go through times of silence; it won’t be awkward moments but merely happy guests devouring their own creations!

Choose Your Toppings

The secret to the perfect burger bar is in the toppings, so when you are placing your order, we will ask you to choose from the toppings we have available. Our best advice is to order them all, but if you have a food allergy, or you simply can’t abide the taste of onions, we will completely understand if you skip on a few of the toppings found on our menu! People love choices, and sometimes the weirdest combinations turn out the best, as proven by the popularity of peanut butter or fried eggs on burgers. (Neither of which are on our toppings menu, but you get where we are going here!) Give us a call today and let’s start building a burger bar topping menu that is sure to please all your guests!

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