Announcing Our Burgers and Shakes of the NOW!

This is always our favorite time of the month, the day when we get to share with our guests the deliciousness that we call the Burgers and Shakes of the NOW! And during these uncertain times, we often get bogged down in the details of the ongoing pandemic, worrying about our parents, feeling sad with our seniors who won’t get to experience a true senior year, and becoming stressed about the lack of toilet paper on the shelves, so getting to impart some good news for a change feels amazingly freeing! So with no further ado, we are extremely proud to announce that Aioli’s Burger of the NOW is the Churasco Burger with a brioche bun, and the Shake of the NOW is the Strawberry Short Cake Shake with vanilla ice cream! Just the name of these delicious treats are already making us salivate, and when you learn all the ingredients that go into these special dishes, we’re sure you will be salivating as well!

Let’s Talk Churasco Burger!

We start with our custom blend burger patty grilled to your preference and then we begin adding the toppings! Grilled onions that are sweet and delicious and equally sweet roasted red peppers are the first ingredients you will fall in love with, quickly followed by a creamy and spicy pepper jack cheese, cabbage & jalapeño slaw, and finally, the coup de grace, a savory chimmi churri Aioli sauce that is perfectly blended to complement this sweet and spicy burger. We nestle the burger and toppings between a brioche bun that is soft and yummy and add the side of your choice and present to you, our treasured diner, the hot and spicy Churasco Burger! Of course, you can substitute any of the ingredients with ones you prefer, but you may not want to mess with the perfection that is this special burger.

Cool Things Down a Notch or Two

The heat of the jalapeños can bring a sting to your tongue and lips, but that’s ok; we’ve paired this savory treat with a cold and creamy Strawberry Short Cake milkshake to cool things down a bit! Tasting like summer in a cup, it’s created with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberry puree, crumbled short bread cookies, and of course, it is topped off with a heaping helping of fresh whipped cream! This heavenly concoction is guaranteed to be an instant favorite with all who taste it, and if it helps ease some of the tension you are feeling, we’re just proud we could create something that would do so!

Enjoy Our Delicious Burgers and Shakes Today

The constant of delicious burgers and shakes from Aioli Gourmet Burgers never changes. Our brick and mortar restaurant may only be open for carry-out, but our food trucks are still out and about, eager to feed the masses! Look us up and stay safe!


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