Phoenix Burger Cart

Phoenix Burger Cart

If you have worked with us here at Aioli Burger and enjoyed our catering services, you know there is no event that is too big or small for us to take on. While bigger events benefit from having our food truck come out to host your meal, smaller events may not need such a large presence. Instead, these smaller events can benefit from one of our brand-new services here in Phoenix, our burger cart. This unique catering option lets us bring out incredible burgers to your smaller event in Phoenix in a compact cart. Take a look at how this modern option can help you:

Compact and Mobile

Smaller events such as backyard parties can have just enough guests that make it difficult to cook on your own but not enough for a full-blown catering service. This is where our burger cart here in Phoenix comes in. Our burger cart is a compact and mobile cart that can easily navigate around any backyard or party. One of our chefs will be on hand, preparing each burger just the way your guests like them. Each burger is made on the spot and comes with a tasty side such as our French fries or sweet potato fries. This is the perfect option for any backyard party right here in Phoenix!

The Best Burger in Phoenix, AZ and More

When you choose our burger cart for your Phoenix party, you will have access to all of the delicious burgers found on our food truck menu. When you place your order, you will have the option to pick out fan-favorite burgers such as the Aioli Burger complete with Applewood smoked bacon and our roasted garlic aioli. The Falafel Burger is the best burger in Phoenix, AZ that is vegetarian-friendly with a patty made fresh from falafel and topped with mango sauce and our black pepper aioli. There are plenty of options for you to pick and choose from, so let your imagination go crazy!

Place Your Burger Cart Order Today

As you can see, our burger cart service is a great way to provide sides and the best hamburgers in Phoenix to your backyard party today. Get started by placing your order that will allow one of our chefs and burger carts to arrive at your party and sling out the best hamburger in Phoenix for your guest. As mentioned, there is no party too big or too small when you choose Aioli Burger’s catering services. Contact us today to learn more!

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