Add an Aioli 4th of July Burger To Your Party!

As we dive into the midway point of summer the temperatures may be soaring higher than the American Bald Eagle that symbolizes the strength and independence of our country, but that heat (no longer dry as the monsoon season has begun!) won’t stop us from celebrating 4th of July! As true Americans we are heading out into the heat, ready to listen to live music, watch the skies explode in a kaleidoscope of colors, and of course, hold barbecues and pool parties, knowing the latter is the best way to stay cool! And because no food is more American than the hamburgers we serve daily, we at Aioli want to be an integral part of your Independence Day Celebration with our 4th of July Burgers! 

Forget about the Grill

Living in Arizona is already like living in a convection oven so why would we purposely add fire and flames to the mix when you can have ready-made burgers delivered to your house through a variety of methods! Stop in our brick-and-mortar locations and pick up a bag of 4th of July Burgers to feed your hungry family, or, if you are entertaining the neighborhood, why not take a look at our catering menus and impress them all? Choose our brunch menu and get back in the house before the real heat starts, keep it simple with our wrap & run buffet, or enjoy a taste of home with our Taste of the Southwest Menu, served buffet style and offering many local favorites including everyone’s favorite handheld, the all-American taco! (Yes, we know the beautiful taco originated south of the border, but we Americans have made it our own and we are never giving them back!) As a matter of fact, Aioli even offers a street taco buffet ensuring that every hand at your festivities will have a taco and every mouth will hold a smile! There are no wrong ways to celebrate America’s 246th birthday, but there are many delicious options for feeding hungry mouths when you choose Aioli Gourmet Burgers to join in the fun for your fabulous 4th of July celebration! 

America the Beautiful

Aioli and America are a team that never loses and our delicious foods allow party throwers the opportunity to enjoy the fun, not get stuck behind a flaming hot grill or in the kitchen watching all their guests splash happily in their own pools! Give us a call and let’s throw the best birthday party for our beautiful country together! 


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