Add Aioli To Your Arizona Thanksgiving Celebration

We can’t help but miss the lighthearted and easy going days of summer, even with the scorching heat, especially as the Valley of the Sun cools down, our personal lives are beginning to heat up with the arrival of the last holidays of the year! Halloween wasn’t that bad, with the exception of our kiddo’s sugar highs turning them into frenetic little goblins, but it is almost Arizona Thanksgiving and the list of chores associated with the holiday may send your pulse rate into stratospheric heights! The cleaning, the cooking, the people that come to your table expecting to be served and always seeming to find fault with every dish you prepare; wouldn’t it be nice if this year you could skip it all? Well, why don’t you skip the fanfare and discover all the things you have to be thankful for, including NOT serving the extended family! Maybe this will be the year you turn off the exterior lights, pull in the welcome mat, and enjoy a relaxing and quiet holiday with your favorite family members and a little help from Aioli!

We’ve Learned

If nothing else, the last few years taught us that we are flexible and that family matters, so taking a flexible view of the Thanksgiving feast should be easy! Aioli’s catering services usually include a turkey dinner with all the fixings, but what if this year, you went with burgers instead? Would it really be so bad to dig into a thick and juicy White Truffle Swiss burger as you watch all the football games you have been waiting to enjoy all year? Maybe you could substitute chicken for beef and order sweet potato fries instead of our golden fries and call it a feast!

Or, if you have your heart set on certain dishes, you can use our burgers, sides, and appetizers, to supplement the mini feast you have prepared! Substitute mac and cheese bites for the too heavy and too time consuming homemade macaroni and cheese you have made every year, add our charcuterie board to your appetizers that if we were completely frank, no one really eats anyway as they are too eager to get to the main course, and include a churro bar to go along with your pumpkin pie, because some things are sacred and no substitutions should be allowed!

Happy Gobble Gobble Day from our Family to Yours

Whether you are choosing to enjoy our full catering service with a turkey meal or are just picking and choosing the Aioli dishes that make you happiest, this Arizona Thanksgiving is destined to be one you are thankful for! Give us a call today!


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