4th of July Celebration With Aioli Catering

It’s official, summer has arrived and although we desert dwellers are often cocooning inside our homes or heading up north for a little cooling R&R, there are still some summer celebrations we are engaging in, including our nation’s birthday. The pursuit of happiness is still strong within us and as we start planning barbecues and pool parties, the thought of 110+ degree weather has us pausing when it comes to getting anywhere near a grill, which is where Aioli comes to the rescue. Let us make the burgers that are as American as apple pie and let us deal with the heat of cooking as you and your family and friends celebrate freely, knowing that catering with Aioli was the best decision you could have made during this sweltering summer celebration.

The History of the Burger

Nobody really knows who the first person was who thought, let’s grind up some meat, smash it together and cook it over a grill, but even though there IS a town in Germany named Hamburg, it is still believed that Americans were behind the idea. Perhaps originating in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Iowa, or even New York city, we really don’t even know in what year this beautiful handheld was invented, just that it was sometime in the late 1800s or early 1900s. What we do know, however, wherever or whenever it was invented, hundreds of years passed before we at Aioli perfected the humble burger, turning it into a gourmet delicacy that will enhance the celebration without overheating the hosts or hostesses! We can take care of the hassle with 4th of July catering.

Is it the Sauce?

The Aioli difference lies in the sauces we create for each burger, sauces that change the flavor of each bite, and as you choose your favorite, even the nationality of your burger seems to fluctuate. White truffle aioli adds sophistication and a hint of France, green chile aioli takes you on a trip south of the border, and roasted garlic aioli may remind you of the dishes your grandma used to make. But no matter what country is hinted at it in the flavors you decipher, once teeth and tongue hit burger, your taste buds will be celebrating the birth of our nation as well!

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Independence Day will be here sooner than you realize and choosing Aioli for catering is a popular party choice that you won’t want to miss out on because we have no more room on our schedule!


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