2 Menu You Items You Need to Try Today!

Ok, we get it. You have legitimate reasons for not trying EVERY item on our menu. Food allergies, dietary restrictions, and yes, sometimes you just do not like certain tastes or textures! But word on the street is that there are a couple of things you have not tried for no other reason than you simply have not been willing to stray from your favorites, and while we applaud you for your support on those favorite items, we are worried that quite possibly you are missing out on a NEW favorite for no good reason. It’s time for an epicurean adventure! This guide to the two menu items you absolutely need to try today will help change your food palate in ways you will thank us for forever!

Comfort Food for the Win

Do you remember walking into your grandmother’s kitchen when you were just a small child and the delicious smells made you immediately feel as if you hadn’t eaten in a week? The sweet scent of a fresh apple pie baking and then cooling on the windowsill? The savory smell of chicken frying in that old and well used cast iron pan? And the creamy aroma of macaroni and cheese baking in the oven, causing your stomach to give a particularly loud roar of approval and desire? We can’t bring all your grandma’s recipes back to life, but when you taste our three-cheese Mac & Cheese Bites, you will be forgiven for trying to peek into our kitchen to see if grandma is there! Created with a creamy blend of parmesan, mozzarella, and cheddar cheeses and mixed with seasoned panko bread crumbs and a mixture of chipotle aioli and homemade ranch, our Mac & Cheese Bites are the first of the two items you should try today!

A Walk on the Royal Side

Yes, our burgers are to die for and our chicken will cause your chest feathers to burst with joy, but have you taken a close look at our Fresh Prince? It’s created with an elegant combination of creamy provolone cheese, juicy shaved ribeye steak, and incredibly tasty pepperoncini peppers, caramelized onions, locally sourced arugula, and topped with a rich and savory chipotle aioli that offers the perfect exclamation point to a uniquely delicious sandwich. This special walk on the royal side of life is our 2nd recommendation for a new taste you should try out today!

No Wrong Choices

Of course, the good news about your trip to Aioli, whether you are following our food trucks or visiting our brick-and-mortar locations, is knowing there are no wrong choices when your first choice is Aioli. Stop by today!


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